Your Airstream Hire questions answered
What can I hire the Airstream for?

You can hire the Airstream for any event or occasion. Call us on +44 (0)7961 532 811 or email us via the contact form for bookings or enquiries.

How many people does the Airstream sleep?

The Airstream can sleep 6 people. It has 2 standard doubles and the diner table also make a small double which is suitable for smaller adults or children.

Can we drive the Airstream ourselves?

Nope, sorry! She’s over 34 foot long and not the easiest to manouvre. We will deliver the Airstream to you at an arranged location.

Does the Airstream have electricity?

The Airstream has inbuilt 12 volt electricity which can power lighting and stereo for a limited period. We advise that the Airstream has access to 240 volts main electricity. We supply a 50 meter cable with 3 pin plug or male blue round plug.

What is provided?

The Airstream is delivered with fresh towels, 3 king size duvets & covers, 6 pillows and covers, fully stocked kitchen cupboards (cups, plates, saucepans, cutlery, etc). We can also recieve a supermarket delivery and stock the Airstream in advance if requested.

Does the Airstream have a stereo?

Yes! The Airstream a Kenwood head unit with audio input for MP3 players and iPods.

What cooking facilities does the Airstream have?

The Airstream has a gas hob. When connected to mains electricity there is a combination microwave oven, toaster and kettle.

Is there hot water?

The Airstream is fitted with a hot water tank sufficient for 2 small showers and takes around 45 minutes to heat up from cold.

Is there running water?

The Airstream has a 250 litre on board water tank. The shower and sink water goes into a 100 litre grey waste tank which may require emptying. It maybe possible to allow this water into a nearby drain, but check with the relevant authority first. We don’t advise that you drink the water.

Does the toilet flush?

Yes, the Airstream is fitted with a standard caravan style toilet. Please don’t put foreign objects (such as wet wipes) down the toilet. Use the bin provided!

Will the Airstream fit in my garden?

The Airstream is over 9 foot wide, 34 foot long and 10 foot high. You will need to ensure there is sufficient access for the Airstream. The entrance needs to be atleast 10 foot for straight access or wider if turning from a road. We also request that the site is level and flat and the ground is not too soft. We are not responsible for damage to lawns, etc!

Can we bring our pets?

Well behaved pets are welcome

Are my valuables safe?

The Airstream is fitted with a safe large enough for laptops and cameras. Any items left in the vehicle are at your own risk.

Am I insured?

We can arrange this at extra cost otherwise it is your responsibility.

What is the coach layout like?

Airstream 345 Layout

Do you require a deposit?

Yes – we ask for £500 in advance and any breakages or damage will be charged. We will run through the inventory before and after hire. We want to keep the Airstream in lovely condition for the next guest. Full or partial deposits will be refunded within 5 working days of collection.

Am I OK to smoke?

Unfortunately not. To keep the Airstream interior nice for future guests we have a strict no smoking policy.

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