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For Films, Festivals, Weddings & Holidays

You can hire the Airstream for any event or occasion. Call us on +44 (0)7961 532 811 or email us via the contact form for bookings or enquiries.

Our typical hire rates are as follows;

Holidays in Devon

From £110 per night

Airstream with driver

£400 per day (+ delivery)

Managed Airstream

£400 per day (+ delivery)

Un-managed Airstream

£250 per day (+ delivery)

Delivery is charged at £2.50 per mile from Devon EX21 .  This includes petrol and the drivers time. This price is mainly made up of fuel costs as the vehicle runs a 7.4l Chevy big block petrol engine which does 7 miles to the gallon.

Holiday in Devon

From £110 per night. The Airstream is located in a lovely remote and unspoilt location with beautiful views over Dartmoor, in the grounds of our cottage.  For example; a 5 day holiday based on 2 people is £550.

Airstream with driver

£400 per day (+ cost of delivery). Based upon 8 hours of drivers time.  For example; 2 days filming with driver delivered to South Wales from Devon (200 miles) is £1300 (£400 x 2 + £500)

Managed Airstream

£400 per day (+ cost of delivery) for Airstream with technician. On hand to deal with any issues, connect to mains electric, level airstream, put out awning, empty & fill water tanks, empty toilet, answer questions, etc.  For example; a 3 day festival delivered to the Midlands (200 miles) is £2000 (£500 x 3 +£500)

Un-managed Airstream

£250 per day (+ cost of delivery). Airstream will be delivered, set-up & a brief tour be given.  You’re then left to enjoy the airstream.  For example; a 2 day photo shoot delivered to London (200 miles) £1000 (£250 x 2 + £500).  A 2 day wedding delivered to Somerset (100 miles) £750 (£250 x 2 + 250)

These are our basic hire prices and do not include ferries, tolls or additional add on packages. They are based upon the Airstream being fully equipped for living (clean towels, bedding, gas usage, etc). They are meant as a guide only, please email us via the contact form for a more accurate quote.

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